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Sydney's first Cactus Boutique

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to Sydney's Cacti Boutique!

At Cactus Vision  we view our cacti as divine sculptures of the plant world and thus made it our mission to share these living pieces of art with you, to enjoy, as much as we've enjoyed bringing them to life. 

Our team of dedicated Cacti Specialists source species from all origins so you can enjoy the wonderment and beauty these unique plants have to offer. 

Cactus Vision specializes in mature cacti, rare species, cresting cacti and cacti Maintenance tools and care equipment. 


Cacti bring joy and enrich every area, whether it be your balcony, loungeroom, entry-way, bedroom, bathroom, backyard or even your office space.  

Cacti are versatile, chic and make a perfect evergreen plant  - even for the most forgetful gardener!

Our Botany store is a boutique showroom, displaying and selling some of our most prized cacti.  With new stock fortnightly (and friendly staff), we guarantee an exciting experience for every visit you make to our store! 

​- Happy Gardening, Cactus Vision 

Our Selection
  1. Mature
(large)  Cacti
    Mature (large) Cacti
  2. Rare Cacti
    Rare Cacti
  3. Traditionally Sacred Cacti
    Traditionally Sacred Cacti
  4. Popular Cacti
    Popular Cacti